Double layer and trapezoidal roof panel roll forming machine

times   2015-11-20
Double layer and trapezoidal roof panel roll forming machine provide great efficiency and strength to metals by giving them different shapes, designs and size. It is an automatic machine which is controlled by computer system.
The working and installation of roll forming machine is very easy. It minimizes labor work and is very effective and efficient. Double layer roll forming machine is very effective and popular among construction and automotive industry people due to its high productivity of steel sheets. It produces two sheet profiles of different design at one time like roof or wall sheet, metal floor deck sheet, steel decking floor sheet, etc. without changing their structure. The frequency, speed, energy of this machine is very flexible and adjustable. The appearance of this machine is attractive due to its advanced design and production of material. It basically produces roof panel having double layer and also saves money, time and energy. Metal or steel sheets produced are of different shape, size and design.

Double layer machine consists of layer rolls in which metal or steel sheets are inserted which then starts bending automatically by passing into different layers rolls and thus produce different designs and shapes via punching at middle, left and right corner. It is best for producing different steel sheets profile as it requires more space for production so it is best choice. This machine controls the activities of formation of steels through computer by automatically adjusting width, depth, size of metal and thus does not require labor work. Different features of this machine are it is very easy to operate, reliable, durable and is maintenance free.

Different systems are included in it like cutting, forming and controlling which automatically done their work in mean time. The advantages of this machine are that it is very user friendly, best working efficiency, etc. Many companies give one year warranty to customers and replace parts if required at free of cost. It consists of different material plates like galvanized sheet; armored sheet, etc through which it produce different forms of metal sheets.

Another roll forming machine which produces different roof profile panels is trapezoidal roof panel roll forming machine. This machine is an advanced machine that manufactures roof and wall sheets without scratching the surface. It produces roof panel with very high speed to get away from any damage. This machine is equipped with many parts like cutter which automatically cut the metal sheet into desired shape and design, control system which handle and manages the work of metal production through computer system, de-coiler, roof panel table; etc helps in making the roof panel in mean time. The roof sheets are painted with different colors like grey, black, green, etc. to give them an attractive and beautiful look. the material used in making roof panel are made of such chemicals that restricts ultraviolet rays coming from sun and make surface layer protective and it also reduces heat and thus it is a best insulator of heat and provide high strength material. Due to its high-quality material, it is corrosion resistant and water resistant. Thus, it is the best choice for making roof panel.

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