How Important is a Roll Forming Machine in Action

times   2015-11-30

The task for the users of the Modern Roll forming machines is to find out a provider that will take care of productivity, affordability, and quality all in one. When a shop, factory, or individual requires configurations derived from long metal strips, roll forming machines are put to use to accomplish the task.

Usually these are made with commonly coiled steel materials. In majority of cases, the cross section profiles of the concerned metal strips are designed in a specified manner. Such designing aims at bending the metal as required. These are the basic functions of the roll former equipment or machine as it is called.

Capacity for Multitasking

Roll former machines are not only used for the above purposes but they can also perform a host of other tasks given to them. The machine has the capability of performing a host of metal works. It is even used for the special tasks like material cutting as well as roll punching. An example is the glazed tile roll forming that is used to shape the tiles of all types.

Working Pattern of the Machines

Usually the roll forming machines work in continuous cycles. The common process is to feed the material in the machine and passing it through various stages of the operation so as to derive the end results. Usual process of working of the machine is as follows.

• The machine will bend metals at room temperature.

• There are a host of stations with fixed rollers.

• Rollers help shaping of the metal strip and bend them.

• Each roller bends the metal a little more than the previous roller.

Why Such Method?

The progressive bending of metals help derive the perfect cross=sectional configuration for the metal used. Roll former normally operates at around 30-600 feet per minute. Therefore these equipments are ideal for manufacturing huge qualities of parts. They are equally suitable for long drawn works on metal strips etc, especially when the strips are very long in size. The machine is often used to generate parts in large number and they require little or no finish at all. The reason is that the rolling equipment takes care of the polishing and finishing aspects of these parts.

Basic Features of Roll Forming Machine

A roll forming machine can be segregated into four parts. These are –

• The entry section where the metal is loaded and they could be in form of sheets or coils;

• Second section in the machine is the station rollers where the actual work starts. These rollers shape the metal and works as the major driving forces in the rolling machine.

• Third section is the basic roll forming machine is cut off press. This is the part of the machine where the metal sheet is cut into pieces of desired length and breadth.

• Fourth and last section happens to be the exit section where the finished parts would exit from the machine and move on to something like roller conveyor or some clean table.

Modern roll forming machines like the glazed tile roll forming machine use computer technology for best works. Maximum potential of the roll forming machine can also be used for the purpose of carrying out the related tasks.

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